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About me


I’m a final year undergraduate at Imperial College London, studying computer science. I have a strong interest in functional programming, Haskell in particular. My main focus is using advanced type system features to derive programs from statically available information. In my spare time, I enjoy playing with interactive theorem provers, most notably Coq.


  • Deriving lenses using Generics (conference paper) (Csongor Kiss, Matthew Pickering, Toby Shaw) - IFL 2017, Bristol, UK
  • VoxelCAD, a collaborative voxel-based CAD tool (demo) link (Csongor Kiss, Toby Shaw) - FARM 2016, Nara, Japan
  • Generating elm data types using GHC Generics (lightning talk) - Haskell eXchange 2016, London, UK


I’ve given 3 guest lectures in Advanced Functional Programming using Haskell in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London.

  • GADTs - November, 2017
  • Monadic IO - November, 2017
  • Lenses - December, 2017


Some of my more interesting projects

generic-lens (2017)

(github) (blog post)

A Haskell library for deriving lenses and prisms using GHC8’s Generic machinery.

PureScript safe printf (2017)

(github) (blog post)

A type-safe printf interface for PureScript showcasing a type-level parser that uses my ConsSymbol class solved by the compiler.

Type-level register machine (2016)


A type-level register machine, as a proof of concept for showing that Haskell’s type system is indeed Turing complete.

Type-level regex (2016)


Type-level implementation of a regular expression to nondeterministic finite automaton compiler, and matcher.

Haskell compiler (2015)

I wrote a compiler for a subset of Haskell (notably, no type classes), with some extensions (mixfix syntax by dynamically generating context-free grammars, like in Agda).

Doom on Raspberry Pi (2015)


Doom-like game engine running on a 1st generation Raspberry Pi, written in 100% pure ARM assembly, with no operating system. Written with a group of 4, in about 3 weeks.


My other projects can be found on my github

Work experience

  • Habito – 2017, London, UK
  • GSA Capital – 2016, London, UK
  • Netcraft – 2015, Bath, UK